Feb 15

Convincing Your Girlfriend to Join You on Cam Sites

“Please! It’ll be fun”

Watching cam sites on your own is already pretty great enough, as you probably know. It’s leagues above watching porn and it’s probably everything you have ever really hoped for – but what if you could convince your girlfriend to join you when you log on to the best sex cam sites on the Internet? Getting your girlfriend to watch porn with you is one thing, but getting her to watch a cam site with you probably seems like a whole different ball game. While it’s true that it may be slightly more difficult, it definitely is not impossible to get her to agree to it. If you’ve ever fantasized about being able to watch your favorite cam girl while your girlfriend is with you, then you should know how you can go about getting her to agree to it. With enough charm and patience, you can get your dreams to come true.

It’s a great way to spice things up between the two of you, and you might wind up enjoying it more than you thought you would. The same can be said for your girlfriend, too. Your girlfriend might even get as addicted to cam sites as you are, and who knows? Maybe one day the two of you will join forces and start performing on cam together. You’ll never know until you try! She might be interested in watching lesbians having live sex. So it is your duty to show her what she likes. Check out the reviews of various sites to get your hands on the best one. It is important to go through amateur sex cam site reviews so that you are able to choose a site with good rating and show it to your girlfriend. But first, you should know all about how you can get your girlfriend to join you when you use cam sites, and why you should even bother:

Why You Should Even Bother

“It will spice things up in your relationship”

For some guys, watching cam sites is a fairly solo activity. You just want to unwind and watch a girl perform for you without having to worry about impressing her, and it’s a great way to get off if porn just isn’t cutting it anymore. Well, it doesn’t always need to be a solo activity. Watching porn with your girlfriend can be a great way to spice things up with your relationship, and it can be a lot sexier than you might have ever thought it would be. You can make it into a regular occasion to watch cam sites together and it can really change your sex life for the better. Sure, it might take a little bit of convincing to get her to actually agree to it, but why not give it a try?

You may not only have a new and exciting way to get off with your girlfriend, but it may help you mix things up in the bedroom too. Your girlfriend might just see something new that she really wants to try, and you can talk about your sex life in a way you may never have been able to before. You might be surprised by what you girlfriend winds up being into, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

Helping Her Realize It’s Not Cheating

“Baby, It’s not cheating, it’s just an another way of entertainment”

Sometimes, your girlfriend might take issue with you watching cam sites because she thinks it’s cheating to watch another girl perform for you on cam. If this is the case with your girlfriend, then it’s going to take a bit of convincing before she’ll understand why it’s totally normal for you to watch cam sites. If you want to let her know you watch top-rated sex cam sites when you want to get off, you have to convince her that it isn’t cheating to do so. Some girls can really be adamant about this, which is why it’s important to try and change her mentality about it. First of all, you need to make her understand why you watch cam sites. It’s not because you want to have sex with women other than her (well, if it is, you obviously shouldn’t tell her that), but just because it’s a good way to get off.

Plus, if you want to appeal to her feminist side, you can point out that it’s much better to watch cam girls than it is to watch porn. If you watch porn, you’re perpetuating the oppression that the female porn performers often face. You can make it seem like you’re really doing women everywhere a favor by supporting girls who get on cam of their own will and treat themselves better than they would be treated on the set of a porn movie. It might just do the trick, and your girlfriend could wind up hopping on board with the whole idea.

Making It worth Her While

“Show her the things of her choice and interest”

Getting your girlfriend to watch cam sites with you is an obviously appealing idea, but you have to make it something she actually wants to do. Unless your girlfriend is bisexual or at least bicurious, then it’s not really going to appeal to her to watch your favorite cam girl get naked. Obviously you probably don’t want to watch a guy get naked on cam just for your girlfriend’s sake, either – so what’s the compromise? Well, watching a couple have sex with each other on cam can be an amazing experience for both of you, and your girlfriend will have something appreciate, too. It’s really the best way to make sure that it’s worth your girlfriend’s time and that she’s actually going to be interested.

Of course, you will have to have a chat with your girlfriend beforehand to see what she would enjoy watching. You shouldn’t assume and pick out a performer before you guarantee you know what she wants to see. After all, she could be curious about watching a cam girl perform on her own. You might enjoy watching a couple more, but you should still branch out and see what kinds of things your girlfriend wants to watch.

How to Proceed When You Convince Her

“From where do I start?”

If you manage to convince your girlfriend to watch a cam performance with you, you might be wondering how to actually proceed. We recommend that you make a night of it instead of just logging on to your favorite best sex cam site at any time. Take some time off and settle in for the night. Get some wine and find the best couples performing on cam so that you and your girlfriend can really settle in and get comfortable. It’s a sexy date idea that you will be sure to enjoy, and your girlfriend might wind up liking it much more than she ever imagined, too.

You’ll have to have a good discussion to figure out what you want to watch and what you want to see done. Your girlfriend can come up with the first request, if she wants, and then you can play a sexy game to see who gets to make the next request. There’s really no end to the ways you can put a spin on this kind of situation. Of course, you’ll have to be prepared for things to get hot and heavy between the two of you – you may not wind up watching all that much of a cam girl’s performance to begin with. It’s all up to you two, of course, so make sure to keep an eye on her and see what she wants to do. You can wind up having an amazing time without even having to spend a cent on a cam girl if your girlfriend is into it!

Jan 12

Losing Those Last Few Pesky Pounds

Whether it’s for an upcoming wedding or swimsuit season, or you just want to shed those final few pounds for a healthier, happier you, losing weight can be a long and arduous process, especially when you hit that dreaded plateau. Sure, you’ve lost most of the weight, but now those last few sticky pounds just won’t shed. What you may not know is that there are many safe and effective ways to push past that final barrier. One of these methods, and perhaps the most effective, is weight loss supplements. Taking weight loss supplements can seem like a huge decision, but when we compare fat burners and their effectiveness to diet and exercise alone, the results are clear.

Although we don’t often like to talk about it, it is obvious that there are some problems that diet and exercise unaided simply cannot combat. Many factors affect your weight loss, such as age, sex, and body type, but there is no reason those hurdles need hold you back! There are now many different fat burners available on the market, and combined with diet and exercise, they can and will take you to new places on your path to fitness. With the right weight loss supplement, you can reach your personal weight loss goals, shedding the final pounds and becoming the person you have always wanted to be. Weight loss supplements can facilitate such progress in a way that is both fast and safe. Simply follow a few basic steps and you will be able to find the best fat burner for you.

Starting the Search


“Find out a fat burner that compliments your body”

The first thing you need to do in order to compare fat burners and decide which one is right for you is to isolate your individual area of difficulty while trying to lose those last few pounds. If you are a woman, particularly a woman over forty, it is more than likely that you have trouble shedding that stubborn belly fat. This is a problem that plagues many women, and you should not feel alone in this struggle, nor should you lose hope. Luckily there are many weight loss supplements designed to work for a woman’s body, and fat burners that specifically target stubborn belly fat, minimizing its fruition. If weight around your belly and hips is your main issue, it’s time to start looking into the myriad of excellent options available, because there will be a suitable supplement out there for you.

The same goes for other stubborn areas, particularly when it comes to men. Men often find themselves gaining fat where there was once muscle, especially if they are former athletes, but just as there are fat burners designed for women, there are supplements designed for men. Such supplements will not only help them get rid of that unsightly spare tire, but they also contain ingredients designed to help you quickly and safely regain some of the muscle that you may have lost over the years. The first step to pushing past your weight loss plateau is defining why you are doing it in the first place. Once you’ve done this, it will be easy to find the right supplement to compliment your diet and exercise regime.

The Health Side


“No need to go for reckless dieting – take your protein and vitamins”

The next step to finding the right supplement for you is isolating exactly what you are looking for in your pursuit of fitness. You need the best weight loss products to compliment your body. Visit fat-burner-guide.com to know more about the best fat burners in the market. Now, if you need to build muscle, be sure to find a supplement with adequate protein to support your goals, and if you’re looking for overall health improvement, there are so many different options designed to benefit your body as a whole, inside and out. Most people that are seeking the aid of weight loss supplements are health-conscious people or those with poor health who would like to improve it. Thanks to recent developments in the weight-loss and wellness community, many supplements contain ingredients that are excellent for your overall health such as antioxidants from super fruits, including Acai berry and pomegranate.

Once you know what you’re looking for, it is simple enough to compare fat burners and find the healthiest option for you. We’ve come a long way since the initial inception of weight loss supplements, and now they not only help you burn fat, but help to benefit your health overall. Gone are the days of restriction and reckless dieting; now there are many healthy options designed to contribute not only to losing those last few pounds, but to overall health. There’s no reason to, nor should you ever, sacrifice nutrition and wellness for weight loss. With today’s fat burners, you can burn those last few pounds with the aid of a product that is not only safe, but good for your body and mind as well.

Don’t Stop Believing


“Never give up”

When you reach your weight loss plateau, it’s easy to get discouraged and give up, and doing so can lead you back into bad habits. Just remember, you are not alone in your struggle, and answers and help are available to you! Don’t let despair pile your pounds back on, not when you’ve done so well losing the weight in the first place. Rather than turn to comfort eating and sedentary activities, remember why you wanted to lose weight in the first place, and keep your goals in mind. The plateau is hard, but it is not unbeatable, particularly with the help of the amazing and frankly revolutionary fat burners now available. Weight loss is a journey, but there is no reason for it to be an uphill battle, not with the fat burners that are now on the market. Combined with your existing diet and exercise regime, and your own will-power, fat burners can help you break through your barriers and reach your goals, which are more than possible. Don’t get discouraged, and give yourself a break. Many people will say that fat burners are “a cheat” and that the only real weight loss is gained through diet and exercise alone, but results are results. There is no reason to sacrifice your health and happiness when there are safe, beneficial options out there for you.

Enjoy Yourself!


“Have fun losing weight”

Once you find the right weight loss supplement for you, the only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and watch your goals become reality. Finding the right fat burner or supplement will leave you more energized, healthier, happier, and slender. The plateau will soon be nothing but a bad memory, and you’ll be surprised how easy you’ll find it to lose the last few pounds of your goal. The plateau is hard, but with weight loss supplements, it will soon be a thing of the past. So find your problem area, evaluate what you’re looking for, don’t give up, and find the right one for you. Perseverance is the key, and you need to remember that the plateau is not the beginning of a long struggle; it is the end of one. You’re nearly there, and there is no shame in doing all you can do to improve your weight loss, your health, and your life. With the aid of the right fat burner or supplement, soon those pounds will be gone, and before you know it, you’ll be more than swimsuit ready, that bridesmaid dress will fit like a glove (try not to outshine the bride, that’s frowned upon), that spare tire will have gone flat, and you’ll be happier and healthier than you have ever been before.

Jan 11

Swinger Travel Guide: The 10 Most Swinger-Friendly Towns In The World!

“Let’s swing in style”

“Let’s swing in style”

Swinging is a must have hobby for some couples in order to keep the magic alive but others might not agree with the naughty but harmless activity. Some places in America and their occupants can be very up tight when it comes to casual sex but it is something that should be fun and enjoyed and there are certain towns that definitely appreciate this. If you want to meet up with fellow swingers for fun and games that you have met on top swinger dating sites then meeting up in some of America’s naughtiest places is definitely advised to make the experience easier for all involved. Having those around you open to the idea of casual sex means that you will be able to relax completely, have even more fun and gain new experiences in a number of ways.

Have fun in Las Vegas and New York

When you think of Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely not reserved. If you just want to party and have an utter blast, some of which you might not even remember in the morning – Vegas is the place for you. In the sin city, there is sex, gambling and other naughtiness wherever you turn. There is actually a huge swinging club in Las Vegas called The Green Room; this could be the perfect place to meet up with people who you have met on top swinger dating sites. With legal brothels and strip clubs wherever you turn, Vegas does not shy away from sex in the slightest in fact it promotes it as much as possible. New York is another big party city and it is very popular with those looking for quick and easy fun with sexy locals and tourists. There are many sex clubs to meet people for casual encounters and even a museum of sex where you can watch porn and learn more about intercourse throughout time. There is a particularly kinky fetish ball called Black and Blue that would make even the naughtiest of minds blush. CineKink is a film festival in New York with a difference; these naughty movies will both please and astound you. It would not be hard to find sex in Vegas and New York and by taking your swinging here, nobody would bat an eyelid.

Temperatures are rising in Chicago and Indiana

Chicago is very popular but is a kinkier city than what some people realize. It is the host to sexy events annually and in the month of October it actually holds a college for everything BDSM! Forget science or English literature; why not get a degree in something a little more interesting, you definitely won’t be falling asleep in class! If you are into bondage then Shibaricon, a rope bondage conference might very well be your idea of heaven. There are regular erotic film screenings and naughty shops that will really get your palms sweaty and your heart racing. Pageants are very popular in America but did you know that Indiana have a yearly pageant that was put together by the popular porn star Ron Jeremy called Nudes-a-Poppin. It is very popular and basically consists of a very large orgy amongst other entertainment that will get you giggling and hot under the collar. This and more including public sex and nudity everywhere is what makes the cities of Chicago and Indiana perfect locations for swinging and everything that it brings.

Sexy swinging in Louisiana and Atlanta

“Mardi Gras festival”

“Mardi Gras festival”

There are top swinger dating sites that can connect people looking for fun in the cities of Louisiana and Atlanta, two locations that are very open when it comes to sex. Louisiana is host to a naughty festival called ‘mardi gras and also a popular carnival known as ‘gay mardi gras’, with naughty games and going ones – you will feel right at home here if casual sex is something that interests you. This type of mind set will make you feel relaxed and happy while doing something that you enjoy. Residents of Atlanta love sex and they are not afraid of others knowing that fact. In terms of swinging, they have a large swinging sex club which is a great place for taking old acquaintances and also meeting new ones. Atlanta residents also love looking for sex on CraigsList which is itself a revolutionary website when it comes to finding kink using technology. With this and other things that are a little different but still filthy as hell what’s not to love about kinky Atlanta!

Wisconsin and Southern New Mexico are not backward in coming forwards

“People are coming forward with their sexual fantasies”

“People are coming forward with their sexual fantasies”

The town of Hurley in Wisconsin has several features that put it up there as one of the kinkiest towns in America and indeed, the world. It has a high number of successful strip clubs where sex is literally everywhere that you turn. Hurley has so little residents and so many strip clubs that it can only mean one thing, they love their filth! Hurley is a little shy in revealing the full details of what actually goes on inside these strip clubs but one thing is for sure, not much clothes are involved and those who go through them doors, have an amazing time. Southern New Mexico located in Southern West Virginia use other methods to let their naughty side shine through. Top swinging dating sites and adult sites is what the men and women of this city love and this is the main way in which they meet others for fun encounters. An artist and designer interested in finding out just how kinky those in Southern New Mexico are by seeing how they described themselves on websites such as Adult Friend Finder.

Rounding up with Austin, Texas and San Francisco

“Folsom Street fair”

“Folsom Street fair”

During a recent poll by Men’s Health magazine – Austin, Texas ranked number one for sexiest cities in the United States. This was based on number of births, condom sales, sex toys sales and sexually transmitted infections! Hey, at least this means that the people of Austin are getting laid so if you are looking for some swinging action, this could be the place to have it. San Francisco is definitely a popular location to visit but did you know how naughty it is? Nothing shows this more than the annual festival called the Folsom Street Fair. After visiting this, you will know more about fetish than what you even realized existed. So check out the exhibitions and even watch live dominatrix demos that will really open your eyes to new experiences. San Francisco seem to love nudity and why the hell not? It is how we were intended after all! It is not illegal in San Francisco to be naked in public, so be prepared to see a lot of it. Many other kinky events in San Francisco show why it earns its place on this list.


There you have it, the ten dirtiest places to go to are now at your finger tips. If you would love to visit live sex shows, kinky carnivals, naughty film screenings and more, now you know the best locations to do just that.

So, go ahead and find a couple on swinger dating sites, but first read the review of dating websites here: http://swingers-dating-guide.com/site-reviews/. Top swinger dating sites can connect you to people in these cities and more so that your encounters, can be accepted by everyone wherever you are.

Jan 10

Cam Sites Killed The Adult Video Store

“Has Cam sites killed the Adult video store for good?”

“Has Cam sites killed the Adult video store for good?”

The adult video store has long been a haven for people who are looking for all kinds of adult entertainment needs. These stores provide people with all kinds of different adult movies for sale and rent. These have proven to be extremely entertaining for all kinds of adults over the years but it’s gotten to where people aren’t even showing up at these places anymore. Rather, they are flocking to websites where they can watch porn on their own. A cam site is one such type of site that a person can visit for all of one’s porn needs. Before visiting a cam site, one must find out the best cam websites on the internet. One can visit camsitesreviews.com and read the reviews& advice about the best cam sites.

It’s an interesting factor in the adult entertainment industry because it relates so heavily to how so many people are going online to get their entertainment instead of sticking to different traditional forms of entertainment. The popularity of these sites is interesting but the threat to the adult video store industry is something that is worth looking. There’s obviously a real concern in that industry but that does not necessarily mean that the industry is going to struggle and suffer for an extended period of time. There’s always going to be that potential that comes with getting sex toys through these particular places as it will be discussed later on.

So What Is This Kind of Site About?

“A simple Webcam and Internet is the only requirement”

“A simple Webcam and Internet is the only requirement”

A cam site is a type of website that involves a person appearing on a webcam plugged into one’s computer. This is usually going to feature a woman who is willing to do sexual favors for people who watch whether it’s in real time or through a previously recorded video. The fact that webcams are so prevalent and affordable makes it amazingly easy for many of these sites to pop up. In fact, the ease of use for a typical camera makes this all the more effective.

Why Are These Sites So Popular?

There are many good reasons as to why cam sites have become a big as they are. First, there’s the advantage of a site like this being easier to afford than traditional porn video purchases or rentals. The fact is that many of these cam sites will be supported through advertisements. These include ads for a large variety of adult-related products or websites but they’re all used to make it easy for the website operator to continue to program the site without having to charge people money for it. The fact that so many people visit these sites so often only makes it easier for them to get money.

There’s also the advantage of the variety of different websites that have different video themes. These include sites dedicated to porn videos that entail foreplay, fetish play, lesbian activities and even threesomes. The massive variety of themes out there shows that there’s something for everyone and today’s cam sites are proof that there’s always going to be a video of interest to anyone.

Of course, the privacy factor is always a popular point. The problem with going to an adult video rental store is that it involves the need to actually park at a store and walk inside to go shopping. While many people enjoy the thrill and pleasure of going into an adult video store, there are also people who are extremely uncomfortable with doing so because their vehicles could be spotted in a parking lot or there’s a chance someone might get into an awkward encounter with another customer one personally knows. The privacy that comes with going online to watch people have sex on a webcam is a huge benefit.

What Effects are in the Video Industry?

“Adult video industry is losing business”

“Adult video industry is losing business”

It’s clear that the adult video industry is huge as it’s estimated that about $4 billion are spent on adult video sales and rentals every year. This is according to the AVN, a popular group dedicated to reviewing adult entertainment information. That’s a huge number considering the massive variety of different videos that people can find. In fact, it’s estimated that at least a billion units tend to move during each individual year. This shows that there’s a strong need to look at what might come with getting into this impressive industry.

However, the video industry is being harmed by the cam site. The convenience that comes with getting online videos has made it to where more people are looking away from traditional video stores.

In fact, it is estimated that about one third of all online traffic at any given moment in the day is dedicated to streaming videos. These include pornographic videos submitted by all sorts of people. The fact is that there is a strong sense of activity in the industry and that this is something that might not be relatively easy to get into.

There’s even the point of how the traditional keywords that people have for traditional porn searches have become obsolete in recent time. It’s estimated that the number of searches for Facebook have increased by about a hundred times since 2007 while searches for porn and sex have remained steady. This is according to a Google Trends report that calculates the frequency of keywords being searched for on the popular search engine. Perhaps it has gotten to where people are going to Facebook to find cams that they can watch people on.

Online Porn is only going to Grow

“Growing online porn”

“Growing online porn”

The worst problem that the adult video rental store industry has is that porn is only going to continue to expand in popularity. It’s estimated by the Internet Filters Review site that about twelve percent of all websites these days are dedicated to pornography. This is clearly less than the nearly one-third that some people argue but it is still a substantial number that will probably go up as the online world continues to evolve in its size.

The Internet Filters Review also found that adult DVD searches are nowhere near as common as some of the other searches that people are using these days when finding different adult-themed forms of entertainment. It’s estimated that 13.7 million searches are held for adult DVDs each year. That’s a dramatic amount but at least same time simple searches for porn were at around 23.6 million. It’s a big number that sounds like trouble to the DVD industry even if the DVD industry is already getting millions of searches as it is.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that adult video stores are totally doomed. Stores that do sell sex toys will certainly continue to thrive. After all, the same study found that 15.9 million searches are held each year for sex toys. Therefore, there is a clear demand for sex toys and it is even better than what is out there for physical DVDs. The demand for DVDs might not be there as much as it used to but that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to be interested in sex toys.

The Effects are certainly Clear

The clear rise of the cam site has made it to the point where the adult video rental store’s days are over or at least numbered. The ability to watch cam sites without any problems is a clear point worth thinking about because this kind of site is amazing and entertaining. The variety of different websites for people to visit makes it amazingly easy for people to enjoy different points on this site. It’s certainly worth spotting when finding ways to make it easier for anyone to enjoy a good adult video.

Jan 08

How to Stay Motivated During Your Hunt for Hookups


“Don’t lose hope – You’re going to get there”

Do you feel like you’ve gone through nearly all the online hookup sites available today? It is getting harder and harder to get up each day living with the crippling fear that you’ll be alone forever? Have you been through girl after girl with no success and are left hopeless each time? Maybe it’s not so much an issue with the girls you’re seeing, but with you instead.

A man who finds himself unlovable will not project an air of lovability when he flirts with a girl. When you talk to girls online, keep in mind that first impressions are very important. Even if you don’t feel that way, act as though you love yourself and are confident in your own skin. Coming off as insecure from the get-go leaves a woman feeling at a loss as to how to communicate with you. Don’t be afraid to be a bit cocky at the start – cocky is compelling, and will make women want you to see them favorably.


“Try to love yourself first”

If you truly do not love yourself, in the midst of acting confident for the ladies’ sake, take time to figure out what about yourself you find unlovable. Is it your body? Think of interesting ways to shape up to appeal to yourself more. Maybe take some time out of your week to go on a jog through the park, and modify your diet to include more whole grains and raw fruits and vegetables to improve your mood. Small steps can make a big difference in the long run. Or maybe it’s your personality that you find unattractive? Make a list of personality traits that you have that make you uncomfortable with yourself. After singling those out, write down ways of countering those traits that you can work on to become a better person. Working on these sorts of flaws you see in yourself will help you to attract the sort of women you want to be with. And unlovable man attracts unlovable women, which will boost the negativity surrounding you and send you spiraling even deeper into depression. During this period of self-discovery, continue trying to pick up girls and see how their reactions chance with your demeanor. These hookup sites you frequent online have an endless stream of girls for you to try your new approaches on, so don’t be too upset if a few get away from you. Try and see it as a new opportunity rather than a failure on your behalf. Also, you need to stay clear of hookup dating scams. Now, These Sites Are The Best for Real Ladies And Real Hookups. Choose only legit online hookup sites to find your dream girl. The main thing you need is the confidence to approach girls and speak to them.

Once you build yourself up, keep that confidence in your speech. Even if you don’t think you’re good at anything, everybody is truly good at something. Pick anything that you think you excel at. Perhaps you’re a great poet, or an artist. Women love men that are sensitive and into the arts, so play it up to your advantage! Write her tiny, witty poems, or draw her silly pictures. It’s a great way to get her interested and thinking that she’s special to you while also showcasing your skills, not to mention art of any kind is a cheap way to give her meaningful presents. If you’re not good at artistic things, try wowing her with your extensive knowledge on chemical properties or goad her into light-hearted philosophical debates. Show off this information without seeming arrogant, and don’t belittle her if she doesn’t know as much on a certain topic as you do. Surely there are topics that she knows more about than you, so keep that in mind.


“Get to know her – ask her about her likes and dislikes and let her show off”

After talking a bit about you, it’s time to get to know her. Encourage her to show off a bit, to tell you what she’s really passionate about. What is she studying/did she study in school? Get her going on a subject that she knows a lot about so that her personality can shine through and she can have a chance to impress you. Not enough emphasis is put on listening to a woman speak these days, so she’ll think you’re a great guy for being willing to listen to her. Even if she goes on a bit of a rant, hear her out and act interested the entire time. It’s a guaranteed way to boost her affection for you, and in the meantime you may discover something you both have in common.

Feel free to compliment her as much as you like, but don’t get too intimate with your compliments at first. It can easily send a girl running if you seem too committed too fast, or too clingy, even if you feel like you should be. Wait for her to message you on your online hookup site from time to time instead of always making the first move, so that you know she really wants to talk to you and isn’t just being polite to salvage your feelings. Chances are, though, if you’ve been kind and attentive to her as well as encouraging when she talks, she’ll happily message you whenever she sees you online. Believe in yourself and your ability to attract a beautiful, intelligent girl. You are worth her time, and you have to keep that sort of mentality. A dip in your confidence can lead to a misunderstanding between the two of you, as women are quick to assume that a change in the man’s demeanor indicates her having done something wrong.


“Tease her around her comfort zone but don’t cross your limits”

Lastly, never push her outside of her comfort zone. If you say something that she seems unhappy with or indicates not liking, do not repeat it again. If you feel like you’re entering into the dreaded friend-zone, don’t be cruel to her about it. Just because you were nice to her does not entitle you to special treatment. You don’t get to talk dirty to her or be rude to her as a reward for hearing her out and being friendly. Accept that she’s not into you and move on with your life. If you really want to end the friendship because you only wanted sexual gratification, that’s your decision, but be polite when you end it. Don’t tell her that you didn’t want to be her friend – it’s rude, unnecessary, and won’t make either of you feel any better. There will be other girls for you to flirt with, so don’t get too upset over it. Hook up sites online are a dime a dozen, and the supply of eligible young ladies is endless. Losing this one girl will not signal the end of the world, and you shouldn’t treat it as a loss, but rather as a learning experience.

It can be frustrating to hop from one girl to another or one site to another again and again. The feeling of being alone may feel overwhelming, but through trial and error as well as improving your feeling of self-worth, you can become the sort of man a woman loves to be with. You may never achieve that perfect body or that perfect hair, but your sensitivity and willingness to listen to her and love her as she is will overcome your physical imperfections. You do not have to be alone forever, you can get a beautiful girl to call your own! Just remember to be confident and courteous, and persistent but delicate, and don’t let yourself give up entirely. You are not a lost cause.

Jan 04

The Age Gap: When Does An Age Difference In A Relationship Really Matter?

When a woman marries a man who is old enough to be her father or grandfather, was it really because of love? You can consider this as, just another one of those life’s questions that life won’t make us understand. However, we are given the brains to have our own point of views without judging or being bias to these situations.
Your curiosity has lead you to this article in search for an answer that might shed some light to your own confusion or maybe you are one of those people who are in a relationship with an age difference. Whatever it is that brought you here, this article will discuss relationship situations that are affected by the age gap of older men dating younger women.

It’s All about Maturity Gap


“Understand the maturity gap and work on it”

Age difference doesn’t really matter but maturity gap does. A person’s age will not define his maturity. A person who appears to be younger is more mature than someone who is five years older than him or her. Sometimes maturity is based on experience and not with age. A specific site to meet younger women is an example that the young women who signed up on a site like this are mature enough to handle it. So if you believe that you really love each other and as long as you have comparable maturity, age doesn’t really matter that much.

Families May Interfere

Age difference in a relationship will matter considering how each other’s family might feel especially if they find out that you just met each other on a site to meet younger women. On the older man’s part, his children might oppose and may not understand it at first. They might not be able to bear the thought of having a stepmother who’s young enough to be their sister. On the younger woman’s side though, the parent’s might oppose and I think there is no need for me to elaborate on that. It is obviously not really an easy position for both especially when your friends and relatives all of a sudden becomes a prejudice. Love can be very challenging and you just have to prove them wrong when critics get in the way.

Considering Each Other’s Goals in Life


“Don’t sacrifice your careers for a relationship”

In this part of the situation the older man is just way ahead of the younger woman when it comes to fulfilling dreams and achieving goals. The younger woman on the other hand still has a long way to go. She may have dreams in life that she still wants to reach and goals to achieve, if the older man starts to become a barrier instead of supporting her then that is the time where age will matter. This is where comparable maturity comes in again, where both are mature enough to talk about it, instead of fighting over it. Since this article focuses on older men dating younger women, it should be the man who will serve as her support system when it comes to her goals. This will mostly be goals about her career not unless her goal in life is to become a housewife that would really lighten up the load.

Your Goals and Dreams as One


“Think together and set relationship goals”

If you are both serious in the relationship and is already thinking of going all the way then you must consider your future. Your life as husband and wife, can be surprising to some and expect your May-December union to be criticized, you might as well be ready for it. Since you have decided to tie the knot, you might be thinking of having children as well. On the younger woman’s part her youth will allow her to bear children and since she is still young she can enjoy watching her children grow up. On the older man’s part though we can’t erase the fact that sickness and death is near. So the older man might not live long to see the children grow up. Your goals must be in tune with each other and must align with your child’s future as well, if ever you decide to have one.
There will also be situations like the younger woman really wants to have children but the older man feels that he is too old to have a family. The challenges will not end especially if both decided to have children; the grown children on the older man’s side may oppose or disapprove. In these situations both just needs to stick together and has to be clear with their decision.

Would You Accept Your Relationship?

Acceptance starts from you both. If you met each other on a site to meet younger women, it may really be hard telling your families about the relationship. But eventually you need to tell them both if you really want to be happy with what you already have. You need to take responsibility of that happiness. Making the relationship a secret will only create rumors and gossip which is not really healthy for your relationship. You might have your own reasons for keeping it a secret, whether the both of you are not ready yet, it can be the younger woman’s family background and tradition or because even you yourselves are ashamed of it. If even the both of you are afraid of what other people might say then it will not also allow other people to accept you as a couple. So if your love was true in the first place then you would be able to simply tune these negative people out and will continue to be happy of what you already have.

When Age Stands out More than Feelings


“Sometimes the age factor is hard to avoid”

There will come a time that a man’s age will stand out and will appear to be more in control. You found a woman on a site to meet younger women this alone means that she is okay with your age. Older men may feel insecure sometimes and when this happens the younger woman feels that her life is already being controlled.
This may create a problem especially when the older man keeps on asking of the younger woman’s whereabouts. On the younger woman’s part though, you need to know that this situation might happen so you need to be ready for it and understand the main reason, not judge it. Talking it over is still the best solution.
So when does age difference really matter? To sum it up, the difference of your age will matter if you don’t have comparable maturity, which is the most important of all. It will matter if you will not consider each other’s life goals and your goals as one. It will matter if the both of you can’t even accept the relationship you have. Lastly age gap will matter if you let age stand in the way. Don’t let the age factor stop you from living your life. Find the best sugar daddy dating sites here: meet-younger-women.com and with the help of these sites for dating younger women and it’s reviews, you can find the right young woman for yourself, who can boost your ego and let you feel less insecure.
The May-December union has been slowly accepted. Some lasts and some ended just like that. So for a younger woman planning to enter a relationship with an older man, it would be best to carefully consider the consequences that you may encounter in the future. But if you think that your love for each other is stronger than these consequences, there’s really nothing wrong with that, as long as you face the challenges together.

Jan 04

‘Girly’ Things For Men: You’ll Never Believe This Turns Her On

“Help her in the kitchen”

“Help her in the kitchen”

There are a lot of weird kinks out there, we know. It’s hard to believe that some of the things that turn women on actually turn them on, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Also, who are you to judge? If it gets her hopping into bed with you, there’s no way it can be that bad so long as you’re down for it. Honestly, most of the ‘girly’ things that women like to see us do aren’t so much girly as they are just stereotypically feminine and most of the time, it’s pretty easy to do them and make her happy. There’s nothing to lose there!

Baking (And By Proxy, Cooking!)

“Cook for her to make her happy”

“Cook for her to make her happy”

There are a lot of men out there that seem to think cooking and baking is still just a feminine thing that only women should be doing. You’re not going to find that mindset ingrained in every man, but a lot of women are still surprised when the dude they met on a casual sex hookup site is making them a batch of cupcakes. Also, they’ll be pretty turned on and flattered. And a dozen other things that really make her happy and about a million times more willing to jump in the sack with her!

Baking is an easy way out if you aren’t so sure of your cooking skills. Sure, if you can cook an amazing four-course meal, go for it! Not every guy can do that, though, and not every woman can, either, so that’s entirely fine. Stick with baking, which can be as easy as picking up a box of cake mix at the supermarket and whipping those cupcakes up in an evening. It won’t take much more than a bit of effort and a couple of eggs, but you can really impress your lady by delivering her a box of handmade, hand-iced cupcakes before your hookup that evening. If you’re really smooth, maybe she’ll let you eat them off of her.


“Make her rest and do the cleaning work”

“Make her rest and do the cleaning work”

Don’t put on a maid outfit–unless you’re both into that. Still, a woman can really appreciate a man that likes to clean, or at least is good at it and surprises her with it once in awhile. Even if it’s just tidying up the hotel room you two are sharing for the night of your hookup before she wakes up in the morning, she’ll appreciate it. No one wants to see those used condoms laying around longer than necessary, after all, and straightening up clothing before she gets up is also a sweet gesture that will keep her coming back for more.

Most casual sex hookup sites aren’t going to throw around the concept of a man cleaning for his woman, but seriously–just do it. She will really appreciate the gesture, especially if this turns into a prolonged fling. She’ll really like a man that takes care of himself as well as his surroundings, and will probably reward you with a lot more fun in the sack.

Doing Her Nails

“Doing her nails will turn her-on”

“Doing her nails will turn her-on”

We’re not just talking about painting her pretty fingernails. You can always go out of your way to offer to give her the full treatment that she’d get in a salon! Honestly, this works as a great foreplay, and you can do it for both her hands and her feet. Turn it into a long soak and massage, and really give her the royal treatment. You can scrub and massage her feet, give her a full pedicure, and take the time to buff out and paint her nails as well. You’d be surprised how many women really do enjoy having this kind of treatment done to them by their man. It makes them feel pampered, relaxed, and really at ease with a guy, and that makes it a lot easier to woo them and get them into the bedroom!

If you’re going to pamper her like this, you can always lead it into a full-on massage, which is great for the both of you. She’ll love a chance to be able to relax and enjoy your hands all over her body, and hey, you get to touch all over her body. It’s a win-win situation for the both of you.

The Inevitable…Crossdressing

“Make her laugh by wearing her clothes”

“Make her laugh by wearing her clothes”

Believe it or not, women do like to see guys in dresses. There’s nothing wrong with it, and a lot of dudes really enjoy it as well. If it is not your thing then let her know and she’ll probably shrug it off and move on with her life. If you don’t mind it–maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know about yourself when you put on a pair of thigh highs. Maybe it’ll really take your hookup to another level! Either way, if she’s really turned on by the look of you in some sexy lingerie, then there’s a good chance you’ll be really turned on, too. Arousal is pretty contagious, or so a lot of good casual sex hookup sites will tell you.
One of the best ways to get her to wear something in the bedroom that you’d love to see her in is to wear something she really wants to see you in. Go for it, and try on those skimpy clothes, or maybe it’s just a pretty skirt that she thinks would suit her man. Nothing wrong with that, and you might have a blast doing it.

Wearing Jewelry

“She’ll be turned on by your act of helping her to dress up”

“She’ll be turned on by your act of helping her to dress up”

Jewels and sparkles aren’t just for girls. A guy can wear a pair of earrings and really rock them out, and it makes a girl hot to see them on a dude! Another thing girls like to see is, surprisingly, a guy with a lot of body jewelry. If you have a lot of piercings elsewhere, make sure you rock them out. Your newest hookup is likely pretty into that sort of thing if you’ve mentioned it, so gauge her responses. Next thing you know, you might have her mouth on piercings that are really deserving of some special attention.

Piercings aren’t the only thing that you can wear that will make your new woman hot. Guys look great in choker necklaces. Women actually can really dig the look of guys in this kind of alternative look, so if you’re in any sort of scene life, you should go out of your way to court this site of the spectrum. You won’t be disappointed in the results when you’re having a lot of hookups for women that really can appreciate your fashion sense.

Overall, there are a lot of ‘girly’ things that might seem silly to you that actually really turn women on. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world to get in touch with what many men would consider your feminine side, but make sure not to overdo it. Women still do want a man, so don’t push boundaries that you aren’t comfortable with just in order to please them. You should always do things that feel like you, and not things that are just to get a woman in your bed. Women aren’t stupid; they’ll be able to tell if you’re faking it just to get in bed with them! Do that, and you’re back to square one. Also, you should keep in mind that sex dating is full of scams, so learn more about it. Visit hookuptacticsguide.com and choose only the legit sex dating sites to hook up with women.

Jan 01

Chill Out! 10 Ways To De-Stress Before Your Adult Date


“Chill out and kill your stress”

Setting up a date with someone surely sounds like a good idea. Finally, you are going to meet someone new and maybe things will work out better from now on. However, the feeling that comes right after you’ve planned the meeting comes right in. Other than the feeling of excitement and the unexplainable thrill that comes with it, some hint of anxiety comes kicking in. Questions will come popping into your mind: will he like what I’ll wear? Will she think I have a nice sense of humor? What topics will we talk about? The list of queries goes on.

What you probably don’t know is that this nagging feeling will not make you feel any better. What’s worse is that just being plain fidgety and anxious about it might even lead your date to turn out to be catastrophic in the end. Don’t let these petty panicky thoughts just ruin a perfect opportunity. Here is a list of cool ways to keep your calm before heading out to impress your date.

1. Think happy thoughts


“Let happy thoughts guide you to feeling calm”

This tip does not only work out for Peter Pan and Wendy, it will definitely work out for you, too. Before your date, you can visualize your date to turn out really well in the end. Imagine you two having a real smooth conversation – with her laughing at your jokes and you being completely mesmerized by her. You can even linger around the possibility of you two sharing a Goodnight kiss, or maybe even spending the rest of the night together. When you keep your mind filled with happy thoughts before a big event, chances are you might be able to nail that occasion – just as an athlete would before a game or a businessman would before a big presentation.

2. Dress your best for the occasion

And by best, this does not mean getting out of your comfort zone just for a killer outfit. Adult dating sites says that you should not compromise comfort when you’re on a date. However, you could try wearing something new, just to give your confidence an extra boost and make your date feel like you’re exerting a little effort for your meeting, as well. Whether it’s a new pair of skinny jeans or gorgeous pumps, wearing something fresh on a date will certainly make you more than ready to face that seemingly mind-wrecking first date. If you’re not sure what to wear, you can always consult your best friends or the all-knowing internet.

3. When worse comes to worst, distract yourself


“Try to distract yourself with some good music”

When you find yourself close to a panic attack worrying about how your date will turn out, just take a break and do something else. If you want you can browse the internet for dating websites. There is plenty of sex dating websites, you can find some of the good ones here at: hookupdatingtactics.com. These adult dating sites can easily take your mind off from feeling those first date jitters. If this doesn’t help, find something unrelated to do to distract yourself from those nerve-wrecking thoughts. Watch a good movie. Hang out with your friends. Read a great book. Having something to think about other than your upcoming date will keep the pressure off of you and will even make you feel better from then on. Cut yourself some slack, man. Really.

4. Playing with your pets are great stress-busters


“Pay with your pet dog to calm your nerves and have some fun”

This also applies when you’re becoming more and more stressed out thinking about the possible outcomes of meeting someone for the first time. Most adult dating sites suggest that spending spare time with your pets could make you feel a whole lot better. If you own a dog, take time to walk him in the park or you can always just cuddle with your cat at home on your couch. Pets are a really good, not to mention cute, way of de-stressing. They might even help you gather up the confidence to nail that first date of yours.

5. Take a laugh trip

Encroach yourself with good vibes by tuning in to your favorite TV sitcoms or your all-time feel good comedy movie. Giving yourself a good reason to laugh out loud can be a great preparation for that most-awaited date of yours. What’s more is that by doing so, you also feel quite confident that you will be able to pull off the date together just as your favorite comedians can pull off a hilarious joke. Allowing yourself to be funny can even make your date become successful, as most chicks dig guys with a good sense of humor. Just don’t start talking to her in reference of a movie, though, or she may not get you.

6. Remind yourself how you made someone fall in love in the past


“Gain confidence from your previous achievements”

Dwelling on the past might not seem to be a good idea in the long run, but meditating on it before a date might be helpful after all. The trick is just not to reminisce the bad things that let you down in your previous relationships. Focus, instead, on the good ones. For instance, you may want to think about how your ex adored you on your first date. Perhaps, you can think about how you were able to charm your way out of your previous dates. That way, you will feel more confident with yourself and will help you believe in your capabilities and natural allure.

7. Carry out your backlogs

Better yet, review your to-do list and start accomplishing them one by one. Not only will they distract you from that annoying feeling of pure anxiety, you will also be able to clear your mind of any distractions during the date itself. That way, you can focus more on how to win your date’s heart and not on an errand you forgot to do at home. Your date owes your full attention, at the least, so give him/her that.

8. Make a pre-date playlist and keep it on repeat

Your pre-date playlist must compose of songs that make you feel good inside. But it all depends on your music preference, really. Perhaps, you might be into the blues, or punk-rock, or even rap – play whatever makes you happy on your iPod or on the stereo of your car while you’re driving. Listening to good music will help you ease up the tension as you drum your fingers to the beat and head bang to your favorite tunes.

9. At all costs, you must have a plan

This goes out to the men out there. Of course, asking a girl for a date should be a tough decision that requires a great plan once she has said ‘yes’ to the invite. You can’t be the man without a plan. You can just imagine the puzzled look on both your faces once you don’t know where to dine in the evening. Preparation is always the key to every date – that is, if you want it to be successful and you’re hoping to have many more dates to come after that. Even when you shouldn’t be worrying too much before a date, you should at least have a decent plan – at least one that will get both of you through the night without any of you having to call the date off.

10. Take some cool pictures of yourself

It might sound like a ridiculous idea, but adult dating sites tell us that taking pictures of yourself all prepped up for a date, with the hair and make-up and all, will give you an extra shot of confidence. Seeing yourself beautified and dolled up will even help you get a glimpse of what your date might be seeing later on. We always want to be flattered, but if you can’t flatter yourself, how can anyone else manage to flatter you? Do yourself a favor: after seeing some sexy snaps of yourself, say out loud “I’m meeting one lucky bastard, tonight” and you’re good to go.

Being a bit nervous on a date is totally normal. But when you let it get in the way of how you handle things later on, that’s not quite a good idea already. Don’t let a panicky you ruin a perfect date. With these tips and a little confidence up your sleeve, you will surely nail that date head-on.

Dec 31

Flirtexting – The New Frontier in Online Dating

“Flirting via texting - Flirtexting”

“Flirting via texting – Flirtexting”

People who are into online dating usually ends up in communication to some people they are interested with. Before going to this stage, it is important to read a lot of online dating reviews to ensure that the site is safe for people looking for a serious relationship online. So, read the online dating site reviews, some of the best sites are mentioned here topdatingsitesguide.com. These online dating reviews can help you feel secured about yourself and finding the right person online. When it is secured, finding a person on these dating sites is not a problem, getting into a friendship which might lead to a serious relationship is the challenge. Today, a new dating style is attracting a lot of people and it’s called “flirtexting”. It is simply getting in touch with someone the more fun and flirty way. Here’s how to do flirtexting the effective way.

Short Messages Work Best

“It is called as short message service for a reason”

“It is called as short message service for a reason”

People might think that long text messages are good for it has more meaning in it. This might sound rational, but it does not work that way. Short messages are preferred by people these days. A lot of people today are always on the go and doing something mostly about their business or work. Do not waste the time of someone by sending long text messages. It will not catch the attention and most people usually neglects these long messages. When people are in the middle of something, they might look at the message and if it’s short, it is better appreciated and might put a smile on the recipient’s face especially if it is funny or something really interesting. This is the reason why tweets are brief and short which is most likely not more than 15 words.

Make the Message Fun and Interesting

“Keep it short and fun”

“Keep it short and fun”

Keep in mind that messages should not contain any serious issues. Keep messages interesting and fun to let the recipient see your humorous side. For the message not to be redundant, just share interesting stuffs that you have read, heard or saw. Sharing personal experiences is a good way for both people to know more about each other. Men should make a woman laugh or smile as much as possible. While women should show men that they are also interested in fun things. Keeping a fun flirtexting is not a problem especially when just starting. The challenge would come after weeks or months of texting. The practice might become too predictable and boring. This is something that both parties should be aware of.

Do Not Overdo It

Before exerting a lot of efforts on learning how to flirt via texting, it is paramount to read online dating reviews first. These reviews could help people know a lot about online dating and how it is done the most effective and safe way. Flirtexting is safe when you meet the person from a reliable online dating site. When on the right dating site online, communication would not be a problem. Flirting through mobile phone is a normal way to communicate, however do not overdo it. When a person texts so often, the recipient might feel being stalked. Also, these too many text messages would make someone look needy and insecure. Better limit text messages to about 2-3 text a day. This could increase as the relationship becomes more serious.

Avoid Abbreviations

When beginning to create a bond with a partner, avoid abbreviations in messages. Abbreviations somehow show the lack of effort in creating the message. As much as possible, you wanted the recipient to feel important and loved. Sending messages with abbreviations would not put that much feeling and emotion on the message. People would appreciate messages which are brief, interesting and made with effort. If people put effort in writing a message through avoiding abbreviations, it would make the message more meaningful and a better chance to make the recipient appreciate it. In flirtexting, the experience should be something new and seeing abbreviation in messages is quite common these days. Writing the words in full might introduce the recipient to a new style of texting which is more intimate and valuable.

Keep Sexual implications Light

“Don’t come on too strong”

“Don’t come on too strong”

Do not make the recipient feel that you want to get heavy and hot too soon. Be sure to give the relationship a chance to develop on its own. Since sexual implications are usually in flirting, there is actually no problem with it. Just be sure not to cross the border too soon. Learn how to tease your partner in a light way. If you are not good at this, seek for some tips and advices online. There are a lot of sites which could help. Do not be too shy for this kind of conversation since your partner is most likely thinking about it too. Take it slow until both parties become comfortable with it.

Make Sure to Respond to a Message

Do not make the sender feel undesired by failing to respond to a message. If planning to establish a relationship with the person, see to it that the response is made in every message. It is alright to be a little late with the response as long as it is done. It is not good if responses are always made to abruptly make you look like anticipating his or her every message. Also, when you are the sender, do not freak out when there is no response. Keep in mind that everyone has a lot of things to do and there will always be times that the person might be in a middle of something really important. When you get contact information from a certain online dating site and you always end up with no response, make sure to do online dating reviews thoroughly for the site might not be legitimate. See to it that you are on a reliable site for better dating experience.

Do not text in the same Time Everyday

The goal of texting is to make someone feel special and remembered. When it does the same time every day, the message will lose its purpose. Vary the times that you send your text. This will bring a message that you remember the recipient every moment. Also, refrain from texting pass 10 pm. This would give an impression that you simply wanted to hook up with someone and is not looking for a long lasting relationship. Texting should not be the same as regular work that you need to perform simply because you have to. It should be something that comes naturally when you experience something special one day and you decided to share it with someone. If this is what’s in your mind, flirtexting would surely be a wonderful experience.

Always Be Yourself, Be Natural

Among the biggest mistake people commit when texting with others is pretending to be someone they are not. This is not a good practice since eventually, the real you would surface. It is necessary that you text the natural way and just be yourself. This is necessary so that the other people would also know the real you. Acting as if you are someone will just lead you in situations you don’t want to mess with. Keep in mind that people who are into online dating are looking for real people. They do not aim to meet the perfect person for them, but simply a person who is true who would also accept them as who they are.

Flirtexting is definitely a good experience and is a good way for people to know each other without too much commitment. It is fun and enjoyable as long as you also cherish the moment. Among the secrets of a successful online dating is simply to have fun but with caution. This is the reason why you have to read tons of online dating reviews prior to choosing a dating platform online where you get contact information of people you wanted to know more.

Dec 17

Groupon Horror Stories: How Businesses Are Losing Money

To Rachel Brown, owner of a small London-based bakery called Need a Cake, and her 8 employees, cutting a deal with Groupon had turned out to be a nightmare they had never anticipated. Caught in the frenzy of Groupon, the largest daily deals site which offer exclusive deals to its users by connecting with local businesses, Brown had offered a 75 percent discount on a dozen cupcakes, bringing the price of a cupcake down from $40 to $10.

What started out as a seemingly good deal had become Brown’s “worst business decision ever“. Over 8,500 people signed up for the deal, requiring Brown’s employees and 25 extra workers to make 102,000 cupcakes. That’s a loss of $3 per batch because of the extra help she had to hire inorder to meet the abruptly increased demand.

Rachel Brown lost over $20,000, reportedly her profits for the year, in that deal.

There are many untold horror stories of businesses losing money due to a Groupon deal gone bad. The ones we know have led us to question even the business idea as a whole — once considered an innovative approach, the most exciting thing in retail business since eBay. Or is it just not working for small businesses?

Lots of income does not equal lots of profits

Lots of income does not equal lots of profits

This article is by no means suggestive of Groupon being a scam. It is not. And yes, there have been reports of some businesses making good profits from a Groupon deal. These horror stories are cautionary tales for small businesses who are on the fence about making a Groupon deal. Due diligence, a good research and a thorough assessment of one’s manpower and resources will go a long way in cutting a successful deal.

How Posies Bakery & Cafe Lost $8000

Posies is another bakery in Portland, Oregon that is victim of a bad Groupon deal. Jessie Burke, owner of the cafe and bakery, had to withdraw money from her personal account to cover the expenses and payroll because of the deal she had made with the devil.

In a blog post, Burke said that a Groupon sales rep talked her into offering a $7 discount on items worth $13. Worst of it is that Groupon will take 50% of the sales revenue. If the cost of items a customer purchase is less than $10, Groupon takes 100% as commission (which was later refuted by Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon, to be “100% false”), the sales rep told her, but also that most customers always purchase more than $13 worth of products.

With a sale of over 1000 Groupons and a bad discount, Burke lost over $8000 in that deal. This amount may not sound like much for big businesses, but for small local businesses like Burke’s, it is certainly a lot to lose.

 How to Start a Small Business

How to Start a Small Business

Allie Ham – Many Sleepless Nights and a $150,000 Loan

Allie Ham of Creative Hands Massage, Washington D.C., has another sob story to tell. She sold over 900 vouchers in an hour thanks to Groupon and another deals-of-the-day site called LivingSocial; and in the coming days, all of her 4000 vouchers were sold out.

But the ugly side to this story is that Ham had to borrow $150,000 from banks, friends, and family to recover from the loss of that bad Groupon deal. What’s even worse is that she had to stay up whole nights to note down phone numbers, make calls, do her accounts, only to wake up crying the next morning and start the same process all over.

Groupon, on their part, offer a business that does sound good and that sometimes work for some businesses. They also offer the necessary support and tools to handle the customers. And as is evident, it certainly is not for all. To make a Groupon offer work in one’s favor requires a good structuring of the deal, a well-planned strategy to handle the incoming orders and a sufficient measure of precaution and luck.

Dec 14

Are You Concerned About Your Sex Life? Spice It Up!

A new relationship always starts out hot, mysterious and exciting as you explore your new partner to unravel their deepest secrets, the ones in their mind and the other, more physical ones. But, as time goes on, you learn more and more, you both get bored of each other, there are little more secrets to be unfolded. At that stage in the relationship most fail to maintain it, as the thrill of new mysteries and a new partner is too inviting to insist in with your current one. Well all know that a relationship, no matter how spiritual and romantic, is still based on your love life – we have our instincts to thank for that. To help you keep your sex life as fresh as possible, here are three simple tips.

#1: Break The Routine

It sounds simple, but only sounds. You might find yourself in a routine faster than you can say “running in circles” – and routines are the main killers of relationships. Having sex only at night, always playing with the same old positions, never doing anything spontaneous… If any of that sounds familiar, chances are you’ve fallen into a routine with your partner. You can try talking it over if you notice only one of you is bored, or you can do something better. Surprise your partner with something naughty, cook a meal with nothing but your apron on and offer yourself for desert, or stop by where they work, say nothing and deliver the most passionate kiss of all times and quickly disappear. It’s the little things that will make your relationship interesting, and make you want each other more than ever. Don’t overdo it though, desperate attempts quickly become obvious. If you find yourself trying without any success multiple times, perhaps it’s time to consider admitting the flame has died…

A Healthy Sex Life Equals a Healthy You

A Healthy Sex Life Equals a Healthy You

#2: Withdraw Sex

This is an attempt difficult to complete as much can go wrong (patience and the right amount is key here – you overdo it and your sex life gets more boring or is over for good, you lack self control and there’s no point). The idea is not to go without sex in any form all of a sudden, but to declare that until further notice, there will be no intercourse. Add, of course, that this excludes kissing on any part of the body, oral sex and anything other than the main event itself. In other words, tempt your partner as much as you can without giving in to the final pleasure. In a few days, it’ll have you both yearning for each other in a way you forgot was possible.

Give Your Sex Life a Little Boost

Give Your Sex Life a Little Boost

#3: Show Your Interest

If the spark is still there, so is interest. Don’t declare “I want you here and now” out loud in the middle of the supermarket, but go for the little, discreet things. Whispering in the ear tends to be especially effective here, and a tiny touch to a sensitive part only you two know happened should also go nicely. The effect is multiplied when doing something you know your partner doesn’t like – like watching theatre for men and watching sports for women (pardon the implication, but you get the idea). Even if you enjoy it, do him/her a favor – lean over in your seat, slide your hand slowly up your partner’s leg until you reach a hot-spot and whisper “I’m bored, let’s get out of here”. If that doesn’t do the trick, nothing will.

All that’s left to say here is – good luck!

Dec 11

3 Powerful Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

If you have been a cigarette smoker for a long time and you are willing to change your life by quitting smoking, you’d probably find it difficult. To quit from a long-time habit, like smoking, is like an uphill climbing. However, there are a lot of successful stories of different people from all over the world who became successful in quitting from smoking. Just get yourself ready as you continue reading this article. Below are the 3 tips that help you quit smoking.

1. Keep Your Mouth Busy

- Indeed it’s very difficult to resist the urge of that tobacco taste. It is because your tongue has been used to it for very long time. When you crave for tobacco, it is very hard for you not to lit up a single cigarette. If you have been trying to control yourself from smoking, it is not as easy as 1-2-3. Some people would say, “I can quit smoking by just smoking 1 cigarette a day”. In real life, it would be a miraculous deed; yet, it is really difficult. And then you find yourself smoking excessively again and again on the next few days. So, how would you resist your tobacco cravings? The answer is to keep your mouth busy by chewing hard sugar-free candies or gums, nuts, crunchy veggies like carrots, etc. It will help your brain to forget the urgency of smoking and at the same time you help yourself to replenish your body with healthy foods.

How To Quit Smoking Without Driving Yourself Crazy

How To Quit Smoking Without Driving Yourself Crazy

2. Be Stress-free

- A lot of people rely on cigarette smoking in the middle of some stressful situations because they think that it will make them relaxed. If this is one of your reasons, then, you can easily change your strategy to cope up with your stress. In fact, stress can be reduced not only by cigarette smoking. If you are eager to resist your tobacco urges while you are in the middle of some stressful dilemma, why not try to divert your mind into something more helpful and healthier way of coping up stress. Listening good music, going to a peaceful place and spend time with yourself, or going out with a friend to have a relaxing massage are just a few of many ways for you to keep yourself in a stress-free atmosphere.

3. Have a Regular Exercise

- The only reason for you to quit smoking is for you to revive your body because you already know that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health. And while you are trying to resist the temptation of tobacco, getting yourself back into a healthy lifestyle will be challenging. Give your body a treat by doing your regular exercise. And as much as possible, always bear in your mind that you need to avoid to intake what is harmful to your body. If you are not a physically active type of person, this is the perfect time for you to get started. You can take a walk around your village for 30 minutes every morning to help you sweat the toxins out of your body.

Stop Smoking to Reduce Back Pain: Why the Anti-Smoking Crowd Hurts Less

Stop Smoking to Reduce Back Pain: Why the Anti-Smoking Crowd Hurts Less

These are the 3 tips that help you quit smoking naturally without the help of any prescription drugs. If you follow these wholeheartedly, you will surely get your goal to stop smoking.

Dec 04

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Foreclosed Home

A home can be foreclosed in case the property owner is not able or has differed paying back the loan he had borrowed from either a bank or other financial institution. This happens when a person had surrendered his house to be collateral for the loan he borrowed. The home will therefore be foreclosed in the event when a home fails or refuses to release the mortgaged property.

The property can be pre-closed before being foreclosed. Pre-closing a property is where a bank or a financial body sends a notice to the property owner to demand for repayment of the loan. The property owner can choose to meet the demands of his financial provider or ignore. If he decides to ignore the demands, his property will therefore be pre-closed. A homeowner might not have the money to repay the loan at that time and he will not have any other choice other than selling the property for quick cash. When such a property is sold, both the seller and buyer will benefit in various ways.

Buying foreclosed homes: Pros and Cons

As a buyer, you are guaranteed to buy a foreclosed home at a cheaper price. Buying property from foreclosure auction is actually cheaper than buying from an individual. This is because the bank needs its money back and the home owner wants to get the money quickly to repay the loan and to save his credit score as well. He is willing to sale the property at any price provided he gets money enough to repay his loan.

Pros and Cons Of Buying A Foreclosure

Pros and Cons Of Buying A Foreclosure

Another thing is that you are given an opportunity to bargain the property. This is because banks are on the run to get their money back, many people owe them money and they need quick money to meet other business needs. This is why they are willing to give buyers discounts. Also, most foreclosed houses are situated in good neighbourhood meaning, you can also resale them later at a higher price.

You also have an opportunity to request for inspection of the property when it is on the pre-foreclose stage. This can be made possible by foreclosure auctioneers and you are also guaranteed to get a title for that property.

The Cons

You might not be aware of the condition of the house you are bidding. Often, most homeowners may fail to take care of the property when they realize that they are just about to loose it. They can even purposely damage the property because of bitterness. It can be difficult to ascertain the extent of damage caused on the property.

Consumer Report: Benefits and Pitfalls of Buying a Foreclosed Home

Consumer Report: Benefits and Pitfalls of Buying a Foreclosed Home

Buying a foreclosed housed involves too much paperwork. You first have to understand the entire process and all the papers required must be provide. This makes the process lengthy and therefore as a buyer, you will have to wait a little bit longer to acquire possession of that property.

The time frame for gathering your finances to acquire the property is usually short. You are given a short time to make payments and if you had not planned for it, you might be forced borrow money or acquire a loan. Something you had not planned for.

Nov 27

3 Tips For Creating Your First Brand

Starting a business is no mean feat. There is a lot to think about and even more to handle. What with the growing team, intellectual property rights, product management and the small budget, you will still be required to wade through the murky waters of a competitive business environment and come out unscathed.

However, all this can be eased by creating a brand and making it work from the onset. Use the following top 3 tips to create the best brand and stick with it:

1. Customer Service

Something will certainly go wrong once you start the business. However, you can use these as opportunities to give the best customer service in the market. This will turn the experience of your customer around and win them over.

Bad experiences that turn into an awesome episode are very effective at gaining the trust and loyalty of a new customer. This is because the customer will interact with your brand more intimately. They will also get to see your true colors.

You should also take a proactive approach in your customer service. Take time while talking to prospective and actual customers on the phone. As simple as cultivating a relationship over the phone with a client will improve your customer service. It will also connect the great customer service to your overall branding strategy.

 Tips for Creating a Winning Brand Identity

Tips for Creating a Winning Brand Identity

2. Think Outside the Box

If you think that branding has to be an expensive affair, reconsider your thoughts. In the current market place, it is easy to come up with a low- budget video and make it go viral in a couple of days or so. All that is required is a great deal of creativity.

The more entertaining your branding technique is, the more people you will be able to reach. This means you should use the best content you can get to hook people to your adverts and to interest them in spending time on your firm. Look for something that people can relate to. This way, it will be easier for them to respond to your adverts and start buying your services and products.

3. Work with Others

Where possible, get into a partnership with other brands. The main point of branding is to expand your audience. Therefore, it makes great sense to work with other brand partners with whom you share an audience.

These kinds of partnerships will help you both when it comes to increasing the size of your audience and building more awareness on your products. It will, in the long run, boost your sales.

Guidelines for Creating Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Guidelines for Creating Your Company’s Social Media Policy

The great thing about working with others to come up with a new brand altogether is that everyone has something to bring to the table. The different ideas can then be married together and used to appeal to a larger segment of the market.

Even if yours is an early start up, you may end up creating a larger brand that will foot your bills before you find your footing in the competitive business world. Go out there and meet up with different companies. Offer them new and exciting partnership opportunities. Then, see whether they are actually willing to try your ideas out.

Anyway, collaboration is very effective when it comes to creating your first brand. It will help you stand out above the rest. So long as you partner with the right people, your sales should start shooting upwards in no time.